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Project VREX has a New Mission
REXPO is proud to be on the cutting edge of herpetoculture. Five years ago we brought to life one of North America's most revered reptile expos. You all know it as REXPO. Today, we sprint towards the future of herpetoculture with Project VREX. Much work is going into Project VREX as we all know that the North American Herpetoculture Community is ready.  

What can I expect from Project VREX
REXPO's original plan was to launch a virtual reptile expo.  It was an investment of almost 30,000 dollars. Ultimately, after seeing attempts by several reptile gatherings on a small scale using social media and free platforms we knew that wasn't going to be succesful. We were ready to make the leap but another virtual venue across the pond invested heavily into a similar platform and cancelled the week before the event. Not an encouraging sign for us to push on.

We aren't sure if VREX would have been amazing or lowly attended and expensive. What we do know is all virtual reptile events failed to impress across the globe or didn't even make it to launch. We also know covid-19 likely isn't permanent and will have a lifecycle. Therefore, we decided not to put our resources into a virtual event.

Stay Tuned
The Project VREX logo and concept is way too cool to be thrown away.  We have decided to repurpose our beloved Project VREX as our YouTube and video streaming channel. We have quite a few plans to bring dynamic content and extremely excited to begin.

Stay in touch with Project VREX and REXPO. We have social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. You're already here so you know about the website. Be sure to take a look around.

REXPO | Reptile Expo and Convention
Main Street Armory
900 East Main Street
Rochester, New York 14605

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