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The Largest Beast in the North East Returns
APRIL 10th and 11th 2021
*pending state approval*
*REXPO is required to operate by all state mandated guidelines for safety and capacity.  These guidelines change day by day and week by week.  As we approach the date of REXPO we will provide updates provided by the state of New York.
Anyone interested in updated daily guidelines for New York State can utilize this link:
REXPO begins at 10am
REXPO Cost of Reptile Expo
REXPO Location Main Street Armory
REXPO has taken the North East by Storm
REXPO is the Premier Destination to buy Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates, Husbandry Products, Enclosures, Supplies, Specialty Lighting and Heating Equipment, and everything imaginable for Herpetoculture.  We take our job seriously. So seriously that you won't find anything but Herpetoculture at REXPO and we deliver every time.
Over 1.5 acres of Pure Herpetoculture
What does 70,000 square feet mean?  
  • It means REXPO is king of the Noth East. Perhaps that's why it's represented well by our infamous Tyrannosaurus. A half dozen T-Rex's could fit comfortably in REXPO.
  • It's all housed in one enormous open floor plan. There is no annex, no side rooms, no rooms within rooms.
  • Herpetoculture for Herpers by Herpers. When you expect reptiles and nothing but...It matters.
Species Diversity is Unmatched on the East Coast
We have all the common species you have come to love. However, we also have all the species you have yet to realize you love.  
Got rare herpetofauna? REXPO Does..!
REXPO was built by YOU..!
We are immensely thankful to all our Patrons, Volunteers, Vendors, Manufacturers, Breeders, Sponsors, Herpetoculturists, and wherever you fall in the hobby. Let me say that again. Thank You everyone. You built REXPO and continue to make it a Monster of a convention. You are Herpetoculture and You are REXPO.
Major Contributors.
We appreciate every one of you.
Interested in becoming a contributor? Send us an email at

REXPO | Reptile Expo and Convention
Main Street Armory
900 East Main Street
Rochester, New York 14605

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